Collages by Leigh
"Dreams" (collage - 22" x 28")
Leigh Harrison
"Memories" (collage - 22" x 28")
Leigh Harrison
* * *
Leigh has created collages since childhood. Her two collages below contain a rich mix of her original watercolors, original pen-and-ink drawings, and family photographs, as well as advertising illustrations, and "found" objects, such as feathers and Vari-vue buttons. Beneath each collage is a section with Leigh's work, enlarged to show detail.
"Memories" (detail)
Leigh Harrison

The blue and coral tree and dotted sky, the pen-and-ink woman, and the abstract design under the tree are original art by Leigh. The blue man with apple is a Blue Meanie from the Beatles' "Yellow Submarine"
"Dreams" (detail)
Leigh Harrison

The abstract color blocks are original; the blue woman (upper left) is from a Picasso painting.