Leigh Harrison has been taking pictures since childhood.  At the age of 8, she asked her father if she could take some pictures with the family Brownie box camera, and he showed her how to snap a shot.  This began a lifelong interest in photography, which includes work in Super 8, VHS, and video production, and led her to a longtime interest in the history of photography, and to collecting stereoscope cards.
Photographer's Bio
* * *
 Over the years, she moved from film to digital photography, and has specialized in documenting the music scene scene (especially the blues scene) in NYC and around the U.S. She has also focused on neon signs, large murals, architectural details, and has done photo shoots for poets and musicians who have used her photographs on their books, CD covers, or for tour posters.
Since 1975 she has been documenting vanity plates and she has photographed several thousand of them. During the time Leigh was a member of Local 802 of the American Federation of Musicians, an article about Leigh's vanity license plates appeared in "Allegro," (January 1993, p. 14) the official newspaper of the Musician's Union, Local 802 in NYC. A copy of that article appears on this website; click "Leigh in the News" on the navigator bar.
Leigh began taking pictures of the Connecticut wetlands decades ago, and has added a page to this website's photo pages with some selected shots. Shortly, her photo series on clouds and carousel horses may be added.

Check out a sampling of Leigh's architectural, floral, mural and neon photos, her license plate pix, as well as the photos she took which were used for the covers of Bobby Perfect's first CD, "Light Blue," and her other graphic and commercial work.