Dance / Love / Sing
for Leigh's 2nd CD "Oh, Wow!"
The Night Was Meant For Love
When the music’s playing melodies so sweet
(No matter what they’re saying, up and down the street)
If your body’s swaying, move to the beat
Don’t be afraid to dance … don’t be afraid to dance
REFRAIN Dance like no one’s watching you
                        Love like you have never been hurt
                        Sing like no one can hear you
                        Live like heaven is here on earth

If the room is reeling, in strange delight
And the passion you’re feeling seems so right
Romance might be stealing your heart tonight
Don’t be afraid to love … don’t be afraid to love

BRIDGE Angels … all around you
                       All your life, love will surround you

A lonesome swallow, flying, serenades your door
No need for crying, silver tears to pour
When the world is sighing, let your spirit soar!
Don’t be afraid to sing … don’t be afraid to sing
Dance … love … sing … live
Dance … love … sing … live (repeat & fade)
(c.) Leigh Harrison, 2002
There’s a guy…on the western plain ... and a girl…in the wind and rain
Comes the night…stars shine above ... for the night, the night was meant for love
Oh, the night was meant for love

There’s a highway…at the edge o’ night ... and an outlaw…’neath the pale moonlight
Comes the dawn…no gun in his glove ... for the night, the night was meant for love
Oh, the night was meant for love

Oooh, ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh, oooh…
Oooh, ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh…

There are clouds…the winds will toss ...above a river…many men must cross
In your dreams…the cry of a dove ... for the night, the night was meant for love
Oh, the night was meant for love
(c.) Leigh Harrison, 1987
Oh, how I long for your embrace
In the full moon, I see your face
And so I wait while we’re apart
In this still room, with my beat ‘n heart

Crazy game of love, sometimes you just can’t win
Yet to end it now would be a sin
But for the violin, when the teardrops start
I’m all alone, with my beat ‘n heart

BRIDGE Have I never told you that I love you so before?
                   I can’t deny how much I cried when you walked out the door
                  But on that velvet night, you’ll be in my arms again
                  The stars’ll shine and darlin', I will make you mine again

Each lonely night, I dream of you
I taste the lips that I once knew
When you return, and the lovin’ starts
There’ll be only you and me, and our beatin’ hearts
You and me and our beating hearts
Beat 'n' Hearts
(c.) Leigh Harrison, 1990
Who could deny you – you’re so debonair
To rise from the grave of a long dead affair
Pale as moonbeams that shine on the sea
Slender as threads of a ghost melody
I dream of your teeth, gleaming sharp and bright
Your lips are tempting, I can’t resist
Do you want a kiss?

Signs say you’re trouble, it’s all too cruel
That -- if I fell for you -- I’d be a fool
Just a bad seed, beyond a doubt
You’re dangerous when the moon is out
But I’m under your spell, passions still flood
Deep within our blood
I’ll dance through fire in your abyss
Do you want a kiss?

BRIDGE I’ve seen you try to seize with your eyes
                         It isn’t fair, how you mesmerize
                         I can’t escape this sweet precipice
                         Do you want a kiss?

Your cloak’s undone, end your fast
Glide up to your chosen repast
Devour, cast each one aside
Blood lust, and your satisfied
After thunder and lightning lashes
Is what remains smoke and ashes?
Come to me love, for undying bliss
Do you want a kiss?
Awaiting The Vampire's Kiss
(c.) Leigh Harrison, 2004
Leaves falling, tumbling into gold
Facing the autumn of a love that’s now grown old
Tears, like raindrops, on our shattered hearts
And then the winter winds will start
And who…who knows the wind?

If love is forever, will we still feel the fire?
If dreams are promises, could this night take us higher?
If passion were our only chance, would it set us free?
Where will the wind blow you and me?
And who…who knows the wind?

BRIDGE It carries off the clouds…dances with the trees
                    Ruffles river waters…wanders where it please
                    Captures o ur balloons…tousles our hair
                    Speaks of time and emptiness…sings its lonely prayer

Hearts trembling, swaying in the breeze
Lips, fingers, falling to our knees
Drumbeats in the storm, deep within our souls
As the years unwind, wind and thunder rolls
And who…who knows the wind?
Who Knows The Wind?
(c.) Leigh Harrison, 1994
I was walkin’ down Bourbon Street, when I saw my baby go by
I said, “c’mon over, have a bite o’ my praline pie!”
      He said, “I gotta go, I just can’t wait!”
      (Looks like he’s got another date!)
Louisiana moon, shine bright, I need some lovin’ tonight

I was eatin’ some jambalaya. when I saw my baby there
He was walkin’ with someone new, jus’ like he didn’t care
      I said, “baby, think once, baby, think twice,
      what you’re doin’ just ain’t nice”
Louisiana moon, shine bright, I need some lovin’ tonight

I was fryin’ up some catfish, when I heard my baby’s voice
If I thought he’d come back to me, oh, how I would rejoice!
      But, what am I supposed to do
      when my lovin’ man can’t be true?
Louisisna moon, shine bright, I need some lovin’ tonight

I went to drown my sorrows, I drank some Voodoo Beer
Then I went down to the Mississippi River, to cry a million tears
      Lord, have mercy, what do I see?
      It’s my lovin’ baby comin’ back to me!
Louisiana moon, shine bright, I need some lovin’ tonight
Louisiana Moon
(c.) Leigh Harrison, 1992
Here he comes, pickin’ an’ a-grinnin’ – looks like the banjo man!
He got a bag o’ songs in his pocket – are you ready for a bluegrass jam?
When the sun is high an’ the wind is free
His song come a-rollin’ out to you ‘n me
Can’t keep my feet from dancin’, see,
I gotta hear the banjo man

Sittin’ on a porch, down in Carolina – I remember when…
The wind on the lake and the breeze in the trees – take me back again
Let that bitter north wind blow -- where I’ll be there’s no ice n’ snow
But will the road ever let me go --
Ridin’ with the banjo man?

BRIDGE His rainbow melodies – like a waterfall –
                         A song plays in my heart – each time I hear him call

When a thousand twinklin’ stars among the moonlight shine
His song comes over the hill like a friend of mine
Highway’s callin’ – sweet liberty – his banjo, my guitar ‘n tasty melodies
Understand, I got to be, a-ridin’ with the banjo man

Oh yeah, uh-huh! See ya later!
I’m goin’ with the banjo man
Banjo Man
(c.) Leigh Harrison, 1994
Love, you’ve been crying for such a long time
And I know your tears are well-earned
For all you’ve carried and all that you’ve cared
Had nothing in return
     But hold on, hold on, the storm will pass
     Hold on, hold on, you’ll be watching the rainbow at last

And, love, you’ve been wandering for such a long time
In a garden where no light was known
And of all the seeds that you’ve sown with your strength
Not a single flower has grown
     But hold on, hold on, keep spreading those seeds as you stand
     Hold on, hold on, and your flowers will soon flood the land

And love, you’ve been longing, for such a long time
Just longing for something to hold
You’ve kept yourself open, waiting for warmth
And been torn by winter’s bitter cold
     But hold on, hold on, the ice will thaw
     Hold on, hold on, and the summer will run through your door

And, love, you’ve known sadness for such a long time
That you thought your poor heart would grow numb
But the deeper the canyons carved out by your pain
The deeper the river will run
     So hold on, hold on, for the waters will rise and overflow
     Hold on, hold on, and the current will carry you home
Hold On
(c.) Steve Siegel, 1973 (Mea culpa -- 1973 is the correct date; the CD reads 1971 incorrectly)
original music by Leigh Harrison
arranged by Leigh Harrison & Bobby Perfect
additional orchestrations by Bobby Perfect
Mark's Rondo (instrumental)
(c.) Leigh Harrison, 1986
(c.) Bobby Perfect & Leigh Harrison, 2008
Take away the river, flowing over stones,
Steal away the seasons, disappear the bones
Chase away the bees, fragrant summer flowers
Melt away the mem’ries, the minutes and the hours
     All that’s left…all that’s left is love…
     All that’s left is love…

Sweep away the mountains, cut down all the trees
Dry up every ocean, trap each errant breeze
Hide away the starlight, lock away the moon
Lure away the gypsy that plays a ragged tune

BRIDGE Love…has no fear
                           Love…lights a spark
                           It can fill up what was empty and dark

Fade away the colors, all the shades of gray
Take back each tomorrow, bought with yesterday
Conquer every waking dream of happiness or tears
Then subtract eternity’s endless trail of years
All That's Left Is Love
(c.) Leigh Harrison, 2006
Crush On You
(c.) Leigh Harrison, 2003
Somebody’s thinkin’ of you, but they’re too shy to say --
To whisper sweet “I love you” so they wait from day to day
Their heart is your belonging, see it in their eyes
Arms are full of longing, deeper than blue skies
Somebody wants you baby, don’t you know it’s true?
Somebody’s got a crush on you

They toss and turn at midnight, imagining your kiss
Walk the floor with tears inside, aware of all they miss
Dream of you at dawning, sleeping in their bed
Revising every morning all the words they might’ve said
Composing tender love songs, secret billet doux
Somebody’s got a crush on you...crush on you

BRIDGE Undelivered roses, unsigned valentines
                    A door they fear that closes, if you read between the lines
                    Maybe they don’t have a chance - but what if that’s not true?
                    Cupid’s hangin’ ‘round, and you don’t have a clue
                    What if you desire love, as love desires you?

Now, they’re goin’ crazy just to touch your fingertips
An’ everything seems hazy, each time they’re near your lips
Thoughts becoming bolder, romantic reverie
Forbidden passions smolder, they risk discovery
Somebody’s fantasizing a red-hot rendezvous
Somebody’s got a crush on you ....
Spank Me
(c.) Leigh Harrison, 2002
You’ll be gladder than you’ve ever been glad
'Cause I’ve been badder than I’ve ever been bad
Now you got a reason, an’ you’re gonna thank me
When you realize that you can spank me
      Spank me – 'cause I’ve been so naughty
      Spank me – 'cause you think I’m haughty
      You don’t care what I think –
      Long as you can turn my bottom pink

No matter when we disagree
You wanna settle it over your knee
Been misbehaving, devil-may-care
An’ all you wanna do is rouge my derrierre
      Spank me – 'cause I been so naughty
      Spank me – 'cause you think I’m sporty
      You don’t care what I think
      Long as you can turn my bottom pink

BRIDGE Caught in passion’s undertow
                     You would turn my cheeks aglow
                     Right back, in the saddle
                     Punish me with that paddle

REFRAIN Spank me – 'cause I been so naughty
                       Spank me – 'cause you think I’m haughty
                       You don’t care what I think
                       Long as you can turn my bottom pink

I know you really wanna gimme 'what for'
Before I turn an' walk right out that door
Ulterior motives – who’s got 'em?
You just wanna get your hands on my bare bottom
          Spank me – 'cause I been so naughty
          Spank me – 'cause you think I’m bawdy
          You don’t care what I think
          Long as you can turn my bottom pink
* * *
Released 2010 by SongCrew Music