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Bob and Leigh have worked as a duo for over 25 years with a large and varied repertoire, often performing in Leigh's hometown, New York City.  Here's BlueBird at the Back Fence in Greenwich Village, NYC, where, for years, they regularly hosted a popular Open Mic for poets and musicians.
Photo by Robert Dunn
They performed around the city with the King Biscuit Blues Band, then formed a combo called Jukebox Jamboree -- Leigh, Bob, Zebra (drums) and Steve Zavack (bass) -- which featured Leigh's country-styled vocals. (pictured at right)

A second incarnation of Jukebox Jamboree featured Leigh, Bob, and George Roberts (drums) and Alan Allen (bass). Jukebox Jamboree played in the NY, NJ, area for several years before the band members moved on to other projects.
Photo by Howard Wechsler
Photo Leigh Harrison
As Bob and Leigh travelled around the US, they performed at numerous clubs and cafes. Here there are, in late 1993, while performing at a party gig in Connecticut.
Photo by Howard Wechsler
Photo by Howard Wechsler
The three wonderful black & white pictures on this page
were all taken by Howard Wechsler at a photo session in
New York City circa 1987-88, with Leigh, Bob, and the
other members of Jukebox Jamboree.
Leigh and Bob at the
Natural Bridge, Virginia.
Photo M. Gilmour
BlueBird at Gizzi's
in Greenwich Village, NY
August 22, 2009.
Photos (in Composite) by Fran Perfetto
Listen to "LMIRL"
("Let's Meet In Real Life")
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Listen to "Come Into My Kitchen"
Listen to "Abilene"
BlueBird is going to be working in the studio this year, preparing its first ever CD -- and will include songs that have been Leigh's and Bob's favorites for many years.